COVID-19 Property Attendance Register.

MBCM Property Attendance Register
Under current public health advice, all Victorian workplaces are required to establish and maintain a register of every person who attends the workplace for a period of more than 15 minutes. (Under current circumstances our preference is for all visits to be recorded) This includes all workers (including subcontractors) and any customers, clients or indeed visitors permitted in the workplace (including workplace inspectors).

An OC may be deemed an ’employer’ where it directly employs someone to assist with carrying out it’s functions, and/or engages independent contractors and their employees.

The common property may be a ‘workplace’ where an OC’s employee, independent contractor, or their employee, utilises common property to undertake works.




  Eg. Contractor/Vistor/Building & or OC Manager/Visitor/Other

  Include both common property amenities and private lots.

Information provided here will be used for the purpose of registering and verifying site access. Your privacy is important. Your contact information provided here will not be used or shared for any marketing purposes. In the event of a public health incident, it may be shared with appropriate authorities for the purpose of contact tracing. Please refer to OAIC link for guidelines: